Bishop Museum

Okinawan Festival Girls Kimono

Photo: Courtesy of Okinawan Festival

Snore with dinosaurs, bang a paranku and say hello to manta rays. more

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Photo: By Tina Yuen

At Bishop Museum, keiki play with hot lava, slide down a tube and snooze next to dinosaurs. more

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Photo: Bishop Museum

Take a "Slime Time" class, listen to and make your own music, hunt for Easter eggs, watch a new play and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. more

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Your Weekend: The Best Family Events-March 7, 2018

Photo: Karen DB Photography

Walk into a maze and ride a train, play Japanese childrenʻs games, volunteer for an algae clean up and sign up now for a free science day. more

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Our roundup of camps and workshops to keep your kids busy during the spring break. more



Photo: Jennifer Carlile Dalgamouni

You will have to pay a new fee when you visit Bishop Museum's latest exhibit. We have the details on how to get the best deal plus 10 other tips for visiting this interactive dinosaur adventure. more

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Photo: Honolulu Museum of Art

Climb inside a T-Rex's mouth, make dog puppets and dragon headbands, judge koi, dress up for an etiquette class and take home an aquaponics garden. more

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Photo: ESPN 1420 Jersey Fun Run

Dash across a football field, sail on the Hōkūleʻa with a virtual reality experience, go on E.K. Fernandez rides, dress up in traditional Korean clothes, get your pet blessed or bird watch in a wetland. more

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Your Weekend: The Best Family Events-December 13

Photo: Courtesy of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i.

Play with animation for free in honor of a princess, be coached by former pro baseball players, run through the festive city lights and try your hand at pounding mochi. more

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Our pick of winter events to celebrate this festive season. more

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Ride ponies, trick-or-treat at the zoo, get moving with free admission to Bishop Museum, fly rockets and watch a clever cat. more

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We Tried It: Animation Academy at Bishop Museum

Photo: Christi Young

Play with stop-motion, jump around in front of a white screen, play with blocks or enjoy a walk through your own childhood cartoons at the new exhibit. more

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Your Weekend: The Best Family Events-October 4

Photo: Courtesy Stage Nine Exhibitions

Make a stop-motion movie, play with rocket activities, eat Italian food or visit some singing monsters. more

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Photo: Okinawan Festival

Eat andagi and watch a lion dog dance, celebrate the Hawaiian monk seal with free keiki admission to Sea Life Park, make and shoot an air cannon and see a giant T. rex before it's too late. more

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How to Make the Most of the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Hawaii

Photo: NASA

When to wake up, where to look, where to find viewing glasses and how to engage your child for this show in the sky on Aug. 21, 2017. more

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Photo: Pacific Aviation Museum

Watch rock turn into lava at Bishop Museum, climb into a cockpit at the Pacific Aviation Museum, learn about Hawai‘i's royalty at ‘Iolani Palace on these free admission days. more

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Bishop Museum Biomechanics Sue

Photo: Jennifer Carlile Dalgamouni

We make cheetahs run, try to crush teeth and flap our wings to spin around. But parents will need to wear their thinking caps to help younger kids enjoy this packed exhibit about animals' mechanical powers. more

We Tried It!

  • bishop-museum-tunnel-tina-yuen-1024-768

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    Explore a glowing tunnel filled with neon creatures at Bishop Museum.

  • bishop-museum-science-center-snail

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    At the Science Adventure Center, kids learn about snails, insects and other creatures.

  • bishop-museum-volcano-slide-tina-yuen

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    Slide down a volcano in the Science Adventure Center.

  • bishop-museum-hot-lava-tina-yuen

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    Want to know how lava is formed? Head to the basement of the Science Adventure Center.

  • bishop-museum-hawaiian-hall-tina-yue

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    The Hawaiian Hall houses historic artifacts, royal family heirlooms and Polynesian cultural displays.

  • bishop-museum-dinosaur-head-tina-yuen

    Photo: By Tina Yuen


    T.Rex gets a reaction from kids at Bishop Museum's "Expedition: Dinosaur."