Christi Young

Inside Look: Ellison Onizuka Day of Exploration

Photo: Courtesy of Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America

Our 7 tips for getting into full workshops, paying for parking and trying hands-on activities at this free event by Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America. Read more

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Why save “gingerbread” houses for Christmas? Add an edible nest (with eggs!) for an Easter surprise. Read more

Easter Corner

Turn extra envelopes into these oh-so-hoppy treat bags. Read more

Easter Corner

Inside Look: 2018 HONOLULU Family Fun Run Presented by First Hawaiian Bank

Photo: Gregory Yamamoto

What would parents want in a fun run? We tried to answer your wish list for our third keiki dash and family run. Read more

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How to Spend Every Last Credit on Your Carnival Fun Pass

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Having trouble using every last credit on E.K. Fernandez rides? We do the math. Read more

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Your Weekend: The Best Family Events-Feb. 13, 2019

Photo: Windward Community College

Visit the Tooth Fairy and play at the Hawai‘i Children's Discovery Center for free, visit a petting zoo or hip hop to it this weekend. Read more

Weekend Guide

From funny to embarrassing, here's our list of 23 moments only parents understand. How many can you check off? Read more


Total Lunar Eclipse

Photo: NASA Ames Research Center/Brian Day

Our three tips for seeing the only total lunar eclipse we'll see until 2021. Read more

Things to Do


Photo: Courtesy The Howard Hughes Corporation

HONOLULU Magazine photographers give us their pro tips for capturing the moment at this after-dark display. Read more

Things to Do

Roy Yamaguchi’s newest family-friendly restaurant offers a special keiki-eat-free deal. Plus, 12 other places where your keiki meals are on the house. Read more

Keiki in the Kitchen

Sunrise Surprise! This festive, ready-to-decorate breakfast is sure to keep you on your child's “nice” list. Read more


Even Frosty would approve of these adorable toppers for a steaming cup of cocoa. Read more


Frozen hot chocolate

Photo: David Croxford

Sip Sip Hooray! Even Frosty would be safe sipping this icy version of a wintertime favorite. Read more


Honolulu Zoo Sloths Welcome Another Baby

Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Zoo

Mother and father sloths welcome their fourth baby in four years. Read more


How can you get your kids ready to give back? As we prepare for our fourth HONOLULU Family Volunteer Day, here is what we’ve learned. Read more

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Inside Look: Holiday Princess Ball

Photo: Courtesy of Storybook Entertainment Hawaiʻi

What to expect at this first festive event by Storybook Entertainment Hawaiʻi. Read more

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We Tried It: "Aqueous" Art Installation at Kapolei Commons

Photos: Christi Young

Our 5 tips for running around this cool interactive light-up art display. Read more

We Tried It!

The Real Story Being Honolulu City Lightʻs Giant Christmas Tree

Photo: Nathalie Walker

What is the story behind Honolulu's newest Christmas tree? It took a little detective work by a Windward O‘ahu school to find out. Read more


Restaurant Review: DB Grill

Photo: Christi Young

Big TVs, a casual atmosphere and the option to put the spice on the side makes this Kapolei sports bar an easy stop for families. Read more


Inside Look: Holy Nativity Schoolʻs Great Pumpkin Festival

Photo: Courtesy of Holy Nativity School

Our seven tips for where to go, what to bring and why you shouldn't carry around your pumpkin at this Halloween event in East O‘ahu. Read more

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  • emagine fun pearlridge center rope maze

    Photo: Christi Young

    emagine fun pearlridge center rope maze

    Racing each other in the Rope Maze.