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Inside Look: 16 Tips for the 2018 Ko Olina Children's Festival

Photos: Courtesy of Ko Olina Childrenʻs Festival

From your one chance to see Disney characters to which activities to hit first, what to pack and what you’ll find to eat, we asked organizers for tips to this big family event. more

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Playground Alert: Three Honolulu Parks Closing for Maintenance

Photo: City and County of Honolulu

Two of the closures will be in parks with recently updated play equipment. more


Bees, marine life, horses and all those animals at the zoo need to be protected when a hurricane approaches. Here is how Honolulu's animal keepers are keeping them safe. more


While forecasters track Hurricane Lane, we found some fun hurricane preparation games and activities that will educate and engage your family. more

Things to Do

Hawaii Keiki Competes in Food Network Baking Show

Courtesy: Food Network

Taylor from Kailua is one of the junior bakers vying for $25,000 in Kids Baking Championship. more


emagine pearlridge center

Photo: Christi Young

Design your own roller coaster then take a virtual ride on it, Eurobungy around and get tech time at E-magine Fun. We break down the attractions you'll find at Pearlridge Center. more

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Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Department of Parks & Recreation

Our eight tips for parking, playing and exploring at this free, illuminated family event. more

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What you’ll eat, enter to win and what activities you’ll find for keiki at our annual family festival. more

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7 Tips for a Winning Cover Kids Entry 2019

Photo: Karen DB Photography

The Cover Kids search receives hundreds of entries every year. What sets the winning photos apart from the others? Here are seven tips for creating a great Cover Kids entry. more


Create a keiki-sized camp with touchable fire, cuddly wildlife and make-it-yourself treats for even s’more fun. more


School is out. Days are longer. Take a break from the tech with some great books by local authors and publishers. more

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Education Cheat Sheet: Top Five

Photo: Thinkstock

Our most popular education guides for parents from Hawai‘i’s private schools. more


Brush up your party skills with a colorful, creative way for little guests to make their mark. more


Inside Look: Ellison Onizuka Day of Exploration

Photo: Courtesy of Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America

Our 7 tips for getting into full workshops, finding the short line and trying hands-on activities at this free event by Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America. more

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Turn extra envelopes into these oh-so-hoppy treat bags. more

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Photos: David Croxford & Aaron K. Yoshino

Kid-recommended books for your keiki. more

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Frozen hot chocolate

Photo: David Croxford

Sip Sip Hooray! Even Frosty would be safe sipping this icy version of a wintertime favorite. more

Holiday Corner

Even Frosty would approve of these adorable toppers for a steaming cup of cocoa. more

Holiday Corner

Cassera letter to Santa

Photos: Christi Young

What better way to spend the holidays than focusing on your family? more

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Photos: Karen DB Photography

Join us for our third parent-child volunteer day. Work in a lo‘i, tend to and harvest Hawaiian plants, work in an organic farm or clean up and get a behind-the-scenes tour of a favorite youth theater on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. more

Things to Do

  • emagine fun pearlridge center rope maze

    Photo: Christi Young

    emagine fun pearlridge center rope maze

    Racing each other in the Rope Maze.