Dave Choo

Getting our house in order is a family tradition. For Kennedy, however, it’s a new, uh, joy. more

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Remembering a time when every day was a milestone. more

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The animation is gone, but Disney's live-action version of this classic boy-meets-jungle story is a gorgeous makeover. more

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Surprising wit, hilarious side characters and real-life lessons make Disney's latest film fun for parents and kids. But note: some scenes could scare young children. more

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This year I’m adding one thing to Kennedy’s long back-to-school list: more sleep. more

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December isn't the only month we should be landing a hand. more

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Zombies, slush floats and other ways we’re marking the end of summer.

Photo: Karen DB Photography

Zombies, slush floats and other ways we're marking the end of summer. more

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A dad's eye-opening comparison of his own carefree summers and his son's busy summers today. more

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Bountiful delicacies for everyone to enjoy makes this farmers' market a family-favorite weekend destination you won't want to miss. more

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From picky eater to raw tako man in eight short years. more

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