Education Cheat Sheet: How to Win at Homework

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If homework becomes a battle, how can you help while keeping your child an independent learner? Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Matching Family and School Values

Photo: Courtesy of Island Pacific Academy

Education is about more than academics. So how can you make sure a school matches your family values? Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: The Quirky Kid

Photo: Christi Young

Every child is unique. But when should you let offbeat habits thrive and when should you rein it in. Read more



Photo: Courtesy of Sara Coes (Lucia's mom)

Lucia Dong wants to tell her peers about important issues affecting Hawaiʻi's environment and people. Read more

Parent to Parent

Our Guide: Aloun Farms Pumpkin Festival-2019

Photo: Courtesy of Aloun Farms

14 tips covering what's new, what's free and what you can pick, eat, ride and buy at this year's huge fall event. Read more

Our Guide

The public can comment on the 2030 Promise Plan until Sept. 20. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: The Power of Play

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Don't put off playtime! Here is why we should all take it seriously for our kids. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

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Preparing for school goes beyond the ABCs and 123s. Here are six things you can do at home to get your little one ready to enter the classroom. Read more



Photo: Hawai‘i Farm Bureau

Our tips for seeing livestock, riding a tractor, entering a giant-burger-eating contest, jumping on rides, inflatables and more. Read more

Our Guide

Here is a cheat sheet of easy lessons you can work into your summer adventures. Read more



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Here’s a sweet lesson for keiki. Watch crystals grow in an incredible edible geode. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Still Read To Your Middle Schooler

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Your keiki may be able to finish a book by his or herself, but there are seven other benefits you won't want to miss out on when it comes to reading together. Read more



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Capture the power of the sun to make an afternoon snack or camp-worthy dessert. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Is It OK to Miss School for Travel?

Photo: Courtesy of Le Jardin Academy

To miss classes for travel or not, that is the question. Read more



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Public school breakfasts get an upgrade thanks to award-winning recipes made by teens. Read more



Photo: Courtesy of the University of Hawai‘i Institute for Astronomy

These six events focus on hands-on experiences with STEM activities. Note that the ones that require registration often fill up quickly. Read more

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Photo: Courtesy of Play-Well TEKnologies

How to play the “sport of the mind” and have fun learning with science, technology, engineering and math. Read more



Photo: Courtesy of the Hawai‘i Department of Education

Here’s your guide to public school and University of Hawai‘i graduations across the state. Read more


Deciding where your child goes to school is more than a financial decision, it is about finding the right fit for your little one. Read more

Piggy Bank


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Help your keiki save, accumulate and learn about money. Check out the differences between Hawai‘i's six biggest banks' children's accounts. Read more

Piggy Bank

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    Education Cheat Sheet: When is it OK to Quit?

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