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plantation village

Photo: Hawaiʻi's Plantation Village

Our picks for the weekend's best family events. Read more

Weekend Guide

Education Cheat Sheet: The Power of Play

Photo: Courtesy of Hanahau‘oli School

Don't put off playtime! Here is why we should all take it seriously for our kids. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Photo: Courtesy of Montessori Community School

Preparing for school goes beyond the ABCs and 123s. Here are six things you can do at home to get your little one ready to enter the classroom. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Still Read To Your Middle Schooler

Photo: Getty images

Your keiki may be able to finish a book by his or herself, but there are seven other benefits you won't want to miss out on when it comes to reading together. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Is It OK to Miss School for Travel?

Photo: Courtesy of Le Jardin Academy

To miss classes for travel or not, that is the question. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Boardroom to Classroom

Photo: Courtesy of Maui Preparatory Academy

Local kids are learning from local businesses with exciting partnerships and projects. Read more


7 Education Terms to Know

Photo: Courtesy of Holy Nativity School

Could a flipped classroom help your child develop metacognition? If you're confused by current education terms we understand. Here is a handy explainer for seven phrases you may be hearing in school. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Finding the Right School Culture

Photo: Getty Images

Start by taking a look at the four "C"s. Read more



Photo: HAIS

What to expect at the private-school fair led by the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools. Read more

Our Guide

Education Cheat Sheet: 3 Ways to Encourage Excellence

Photo: Getty Images

How can you help your child succeed and thrive? Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: To Screen or Not to Screen

Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Christian School

How to tackle the challenge of limiting smartphone and tablet time at home. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Top Five

Photo: Thinkstock

Our most popular education guides for parents from Hawai‘i’s private schools. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Helping Your Child With Math

Photo: Courtesy of Island Pacific Academy

Four ways you can support your child in math, even if you are afraid you won’t understand it. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Parenting Help in Minutes

Photo: Thinkstock

Don't have time to sift through thousands of parenting articles, blogs and videos? Here are nine great reads and TEDtalks you can finish in less than 30 minutes each. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Technology Learning

Photo: Thinkstock

Technology is rapidly changing the world and classrooms. How can we help our kids prepare for the ever-evolving education and work environment without letting technology disrupt their lives? Read more



Photo: Tien Enga

Community service does more than just teach kids how to give back. Here are a few ways you can help your child become a change maker. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Passion-Based Learning

Photo: Courtesy of Asia Pacific International School

What is your child passionate about? By basing learning around a keiki's natural interests, educators say you can teach them to do be independent thinkers early in life. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Navigating the Program Maze

Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Waldorf School

What is Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia? An expert helps us understand the similarities and differences in these educational methods for kids. Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Preparing for College,  Beyond the SATs

Photo: Courtesy of Damien Memorial School

Colleges are looking for much more than a textbook-style well-rounded resume. So what are admissions officers looking for beyond the test scores and grade point averages? Read more


Education Cheat Sheet: Licensing 101

Mid-Pacific Institute is one of 107 Hawai‘i schools licensed by a subsidiary of the Hawai‘i Association of Independent Schools. Photo: Courtesy of Mid-Pacific Institute

Only about a third of the private schools in Hawai‘i are licensed. What does it matter and what does the license really mean? We break it down. Read more


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