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Do your kids have food allergies? Here's how to keep them safe during candy season. Read more



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Vaping is an epidemic in Hawai‘i. As local experts address the problem, here’s how you can protect your children. Read more

Parent to Parent


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Walk in on weekends, after work and after school. Read more

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On "Kick Butts Day," youth advocates want to stop the sale of candy-flavored tobacco in Hawaiʻi. Read more

Out & About

HONOLULU Family’s third Fun Run and Keiki Dash, presented by Mobi, took place on March 2 at Ala Moana Beach Park near Magic Island and included photo ops with Ariel and Captain America, stop points for snacks and bubbles, a Keiki Zone and more. Read more



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A new iPhone is just one reason to sign up for the HONOLULU Family Fun Run presented by Mobi. Read more

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Your prenatal guide to a smooth delivery and arrival. Read more

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Sports-related injuries. Childhood depression. Nasal flu vaccines. And other topics related to kids' health. Read more


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Is air pollution from the Kīlauea eruption causing headaches, itchy eyes and sneezing? Read more


HONOLULU Family is planning our first ever fun run and your school could benefit. Sign up now! Read more

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Kids Who Have Overcome Daniel

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They faced medical emergencies, physical challenges and life-changing surgeries. But these local kids and their families turned adversity into achievement. Read more


From kids' symptoms to vaccines in Hawaii, what parents should know about hepatitis A. Read more


Take your family’s health into your own hands. Encourage active play (turn off the electronics). Live by example and get the kids outside and do things together. Read more

Editor’s Page

Experts and parents share tips on how to keep kids on the move and having fun, whatever sport or activity they choose. Read more


Exposure to germs helps to strengthen kids' immune systems. But is there a limit to dirtiness? Read more


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    Healthy foods and good health.