Keiki in the Kitchen

Prepare one week of school lunches in less than three hours. Read more

Keiki in the Kitchen

Turn one flexible sauce into four quick family-pleasing dinners. Read more

Keiki in the Kitchen

Spring Snack Platter

Photo: Karen DB Photography

This isn’t your garden variety finger food. Cute cut-out shapes make every food group munchable. Read more

Keiki in the Kitchen

  • fried-rice-plated

    Photos by Cathy Cruz-George


    Furikake and kaki mochi on top of fried rice create a crunchy texture that kids love.

  • banana-cookies-oven

    This "banana cookie" recipe by Chef Troy Terorotua calls for oatmeal, apple bananas, vanilla, dried cranberries and honey. Super easy.

  • fried-rice-made


    Green cabbage, eggs and spam go into Tin Roof Fried Rice.

  • fried-rice-ingredients

    We're ready to whip up "Tin Roof Fried Rice" by Chef Sheldon Simeon.

  • mashed-banana


    Not just any mashed bananas but Hawaiiʻi-grown, mashed apple bananas. Sweet!

  • banana-cookies-plate


    Trust us, these banana cookies tasted way better than they looked. Moist and flavorful!