Okage Sama De

An exhibit that triggers all kinds of emotions. Fear, joy, sadness, surprise, you name it. Read more

We Tried It!

  • jcch-storefront

    Can you spot the daikon radish? Okage Sama De includes a streetfront and neighborhood, such as these.

  • jcch beanbags

    Otedama bean bags for kids.

  • jcch shelf

    To learn about Japanese culture and festivals, kids can select videos from a touchscreen TV.

  • jcch-schoolhouse

    This schoolhouse rocks! Grandparents can introduce their grandkids to the books and toys of their youth.

  • jcch-onizuka

    A corner of the gallery honors Ellison Onizuka, the first person of Japanese ancestry to become a U.S. astronaut and travel to space.

  • jcch kitchen

    jcch kitchen

    This replica of a kitchen has original items from the plantation days.