Okinawan Festival


Photo: Okinawan Festival

Eat andagi and watch a lion dog dance, celebrate the Hawaiian monk seal with free keiki admission to Sea Life Park, make and shoot an air cannon and see a giant T. rex before it's too late. more

Weekend Guide


Photo: Okinawan Festival

When to go, where to park, which keiki activities to try and how to get your anadagi fix at Hawai‘iʻs largest ethnic festival. more

Our Guide


Courtesy of Waikīkī Aquarium

Learn about the ocean, science and astronomy or take advantage of Hawai‘i's melting pot of cultures by eating and dancing at ethnic festivals and parades. more

Things to Do

  • Okinawan Festival Puranku Dancers

    Photo: Courtesy of Okinawan Festival

    Okinawan Festival Puranku Dancers

    Okinawan Festival at Hawaiʻi Convention Center

  • Okinawan Festival 2018

    Photo: Courtesy of Hawai'i United Okinawa Association

    Okinawan Festival 2018

    Okinawan Festival at Hawai'i Convention Center