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Keiki and their adults can ease into the new school year with these 5 helpful tips. Read more

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Public school breakfasts get an upgrade thanks to award-winning recipes made by teens. Read more


Deciding where your child goes to school is more than a financial decision, it is about finding the right fit for your little one. Read more

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Parent to Parent: 6 Easy Ways to Label School Supplies

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Before you start writing your child’s name on all 64 crayons, see these six hacks from local parents for this back-to-school headache. Read more

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Plan your next campus visit with our list of private school open houses. Read more

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Tips on how to communicate with your child's school. Also, learn five ways to add more play into your child's life. Read more


Before taking the test, it is important to understand some basics. Read more


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It’s back-to-school time and this issue is here to support you. Read more

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Book Recommendations for Your Keiki—from Preschool Through Eighth Grade, Plus a Little Something for Mom and Dad. Read more

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Here are basic and timeless principles to help children at all ages grow up to be “good” and “smart,” whether making friends, developing skills and knowledge, or just navigating through life. Read more


Book Recommendations for Your Keiki—From Preschool to Eighth Grade, Plus a Little Something for Mom and Dad. Read more

Good Reads

RoboticsFIRST, which stands for, “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,” is the “varsity sport for the mind.”   Read more


Raising financially fit children requires parental involvement. Encourage girls and boys to learn math skills and prepare for life by teaching money management, beginning as early as preschool.   Read more


by Dr. Dennis Garlick Albert Einstein, Mozart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates. You don't have to be a genius to know what these famous names have in common.Many parents want their children to be geniuses, but what determi... Read more


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