Sea Life Park

2017 Halloween Events in Hawaii Wooftacular

Photo: Courtesy Hawai‘i Doggie Bakery

From costume contests to a special spooky camp, here is our list of 30+ family-friendly events for your Halloween. Read more



Photo: Laura Dornbush

School your keiki on shark essentials before seeing the Baby Shark show in November. Read more

Parent to Parent


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Get bubbly, take two free yoga classes, and shoot baskets to win round-trip plane tickets. Read more

Weekend Guide


Photo: Hawaii State Library

Climb inside a big truck, join a reading challenge and climb into vintage planes for free. Read more

Weekend Guide

Earth Day Turtle

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7 keiki-friendly events to help your family celebrate Earth Day. Read more

Our Guide

Disney's Newsies, presented by Performing Arts Center of Kapolei.

Photo: Performing Arts Center of Kapolei

Flex your muscles with Captain America, dig in the Dancing Queen and take selfies with mermaids. Read more

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Kids playing soccer

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Staying on Oʻahu for the holidays? Sign up your kids for one of these day camps. Read more

Best of

Okinawan Festival Girls Kimono

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Snore with dinosaurs, bang a paranku and say hello to manta rays. Read more

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Iolani Palace thrones

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Listen to live music with dolphins, learn how to massage your dog and pack a Bug Out Bag. Read more

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Photo: Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Dress up as an aviator and climb into a cockpit, watch butterflies hatch from their chrysalises, march in a penguin parade, follow a feisty fish on stage or join a yoga and art workshop. Read more

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Your Weekend: The Best Family Events-November 15

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

Get in free for a seabird-themed scavenger hunt at Sea Life Park, welcome Santa in three spots across O‘ahu, play in a giant garden and snag your free basketball tickets. Read more

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Our Guide: Sea Life Park

Photo: Lavonne Leong

Our 12 tips for what to feed, how to see the sea lions at their best, why you'll definitely want to visit the birds, plus our guide to the most entertaining exhibits for every age group. Read more

Our Guide

What to do if you find a shearwater chick

Photo: Courtesy of Sea Life Park

The shearwaters are hatching in Hawai‘i! That could mean you could soon find baby birds confused, injured or in danger. Here is how you can help. Read more



Photo: Okinawan Festival

Eat andagi and watch a lion dog dance, celebrate the Hawaiian monk seal with free keiki admission to Sea Life Park, make and shoot an air cannon and see a giant T. rex before it's too late. Read more

Weekend Guide


Photo: Pacific Aviation Museum

Climb into a cockpit and watch planes dogfight overhead, build Honolulu out of 20,000 LEGO bricks or take advantage of free keiki admission to Sea Life Park this weekend. Read more

Things to Do

  • shark_sealifepark_backpack-duke

    Photo: Laura Dornbush


    Catch the shark action at Waikīkī Aquarium!

  • Sea Life Park Sea Lion

    Photo: Sea Life Park

    Sea Life Park Sea Lion

    Meet the sea lions at Sea Life Park's "Junior Animal Trainer Day" this Sunday, March 3.

  • Sea Life Park Sea Lion

    Photo: Sea Life Park

    Sea Life Park Sea Lion

    Meet the sea lions at Sea Life Park's "Junior Animal Trainer Day" this Sunday, March 3.

  • sea-life-park-sea-lion-lookingu

    Photo: Courtesy of Sea Life Park Hawaii


    Sea Life Park sea lion looking up

  • sea-lion

    Sea Life Park Hawaiʻi


    Sea Lion at Sea Life Park Hawaiʻi

  • day with the rays

    Photo: Courtesy of Sea Life Park Hawaii

    day with the rays

    Sea Life Park's "Keiki Sunday" on Sept. 2 is ray-themed.